Drainage Strategies

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ARC Engineers can support the early stages of your project’s development with the production of a foul and surface water drainage strategy which is an essential requirement of the planning process.

Early Consultant involvement and a joined-up approach on surface water management can also help achieve a greater number of BREEAM credits should your project be looking for accreditation.

The surface water element of the drainage strategy, also known as a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), intends to provide a natural approach to the management of surface water, the SuDS triangle.

This seeks to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of water before it leaves the site, whilst also including amenity and biodiversity features as the water passes through the site.

The drainage strategy report will also seek to identify the most appropriate location for the discharge of surface water, which should be as high up the following hierarchy of drainage options as is reasonably practicable.

● Into the ground via infiltration (soakaways and other means)
● To a surface water body, ditch, watercourse, river or lake.
● To a surface water sewer, highway drainage or another drainage system
● To a combined sewer.

ARC Engineers have the experience and understanding of operational requirements to develop a SuDS that are appropriate to the proposed development. In the case of the specialist living sector, open water features should be avoided, and integration with soft landscaping should be embraced.

This service includes;

Percolation/infiltration testing
To support the drainage strategy report, it is always recommended that site-specific infiltration testing is carried out the demonstrate if the ground conditions are suitable for surface water disposal to ground. ARC Engineers can organise and manage the percolation testing to BRE 365 to inform the reporting.

Drainage Maintenance Strategies
These are provided to support the planning application, detailing how the required maintenance regime of the SUDS features will be managed and monitored for the proposed development.

Drainage studies and strategies are an essential part of any Planning Application and Construction Project;

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